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Scary Monsters #130 - Wholesale (DUE IN END OF FEB)

Scary Monsters 129th Creatures, Caverns, and Underground Worlds Issue (WINTER 2022) coming late November/early December to subscribers and preorder customers. Look for 129 to hit the newsstands sometime in January. THIS IS A PREORDER.

Bagged and Boarded?:

THIS IS A PREORDER MAGAZINE! Payment is required at the time of your order. When multiple preorder magazines are included in one order, a separate postage amount for each preorder is added as the magazines will ship at different times. If you intend to purchase other, non-preorder items, please do separate orders so that the other items ship right away.

SYNOPSIS: Scary Monsters 129th Creatures, Caverns, and Underground Worlds Issue puts the scary spotlight on classic monster and sci-fi films dedicated to deep, dark discoveries below the Earth's surface, including The Mole People, The Slime People, The Phantom Empire, Unknown World, The Incredible Petrified World, and more! Readers will also enjoy our regular scary columns such as Kaiju Korner, Trilogy of Terror, Strange Days, and much more over 146 fantastic foto-filled pages..

Collectors Note: Brand-new and uncirculated. Picked directly from the printer's cartons.

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