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Lil Frankie Collectible Desktop Tiny Terror - Totally Gnarly Edition

Here comes Lil Frankie, a 4.5-inch Collectible Desktop Tiny Terror from Retro-a-go-go! Collect all three versions! This is the Totally Gnarly Limited Edition (only 700 produced). Includes face mask no longer available!

This just out! More Ghouls have risen, and they are busting open the gates of Ghoulsville and crawling your way!

Introducing the creep-tastic gang of putrid plastic, Ghoulsville's Tiny Terrors. LOOK OUT they're coming straight from the warped imagination of artist Doug P'gosh, and each is more monstrous fun than you and any desktop can handle.

Get your monster freak-on with all 4.5" of Ghoulish Gore. First up for your rotten little heart is Lil" Frankie. Every Frankie comes with its own removable PPE Mask Accessory to commemorate the horror-ible year of 2020! The parade of ghouls from this collection will make your gut wrench with unbridled joy!

Three terribly thrilling color ways to choose from and in Retro-a-go-go! design style, there is always a limited edition. Do not make your heart weep for missing out on that one!

MORE TINY TERRORS TO COME! Werewolves, zombies, trick-or-treat kids -- you just do not who will appear in this new Ghoulsville Gang of Tiny Terrors!

Three Editions to Choose From:
- Totally Gnarly (Lurid eye-melting color) LIMITED EDITION
- Forever Filthy (Graveyard greyed shades)
- Midnight Movie (Black and white fright)

He comes in his own box. This is the Totally Gnarly Limited Edition (only 700 produced). Your eyeballs will melt as you get Gnarly with the electrified and punk-ified Frankie. He's ready to go out on the town this Saturday night, his hot and lurid colors will twist you just right. Better wear shades cuz this guy is bright!

Brand-new and received directly from the manufacturer! You are purchasing 1 Lil" Frankie.

Click Here to order the Forever Filthy edition, or Click Here to order the Midnight Movie edition.

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