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Horrific Volume 1 - Weird Tales of Terror - Pre-Code Classics - JUST IN!

This single volume features selected issues of the Comic Media publication Horrific, issues 4-8 March 1953 to November 1953. All of course digitally enhanced and faithfully reproduced.

Price: $46.99  Sale Price: $41.99  You Save: $5.00 (11%)

Comic Media was a respectable publisher that produced two horror titles, Weird Terror and Horrific, and we've selected a few of these fabulous weird tales of terror issues here in this collection!

The odd thing about these titles is that the publisher was convinced that faces sold comics; he insisted that every issue have some sort of a face dominating the cover, and Don Heck, his cover artist, eagerly obliged. Werewolf faces, monster faces, terrified faces -- always faces.

Go get 'em, pronto, because by 1955 Don was recruited by Stan Lee and went on to be one of the architects of what became known as "The Marvel Age of Comics" so you won't be getting any more of those fabulous covers! Collects Horrific #4-8 (March to November 1953).

Featuring Don Heck, Don Perlin, A.C. Hollingsworth, Rudy Palais, Keneth Landau, Marty Elkin, and Pete Morisi.

Last Ride!
Ring of Death
How to Embalm a Corpse
Note on the History of Horror
The Coffin
Hating Corpse
Death Kiss
murder mountain
Blade of Death
Smoke Spirit
Singing Slaves
Jack the Ripper
Night Owl
Pen Pal
Rain of Death
Steel Trap
Shrunken Skull
The She-Beast
Death Song!
The Teller!
Hirschel's Hair
Coffin Corner
Blood Suckers
Sewer Horror
Portrait of Death
Also loaded with vintage ads that appeared in the original comics.

Copyright PS Artbooks 2020. First Edition September 2020. 180 pages.

Collectors Note: Brand-new and uncirculated.

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