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The Fantastic Fifties #14 - Summer 2021 - Terror From the Tomb - LATEST ISSUE!

Filmland's most fabulous decade! This is The Fantastic Fifties #14 from the exciting fantasy magazine series published by Hemlock Books in the UK. Preorder coming in September.

Terror From the Tomb.
The Mummy.
Pharoah's Curse.
Abbott & Costello Meet the Mummy
The Aztec Mummy, Meet the Heavies.
The Ladykillers.
Hell's Island,
Perilous Plants: The Womaneater,
The Little Shop of Horrors,
Attack of the Giant Leeches,
Lost TV Treasures: Babes in Bodices,
From Hell it Came.

Staple-stitched A4 format, full-color glossy magazine. 64 pages. Summer 2021. Hemlock Publishing. For mature readers.

Collectors Note: Brand new, uncirculated, and received directly from the publisher. We always pick the best available copy. When stock is depleted, remaining copies may have a dinged and/or bent corner from shipping from the U.K. (the publisher does not replace for "minor" issues. Thin paper cover-stock causes curling of outside covers of all issues.).

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