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Halloween Party Killers Kreepy Kat & Party Pumpkin Vintage Decorations

Ghoulsville Halloween Party Killers! 2-pack includes the Kreepy Kat and Party Pumpkin. Ready to hang. 24 inches tall.

What's better than party hat on a Kreepy Kat? How about a fellow Party Pumpkin to keep your party jumpin'? Meet your Ghoulsville Party Killers! Vintage style decorations that know how to move and jiggle. They'll even make the grumpiest giggle! Each one smiling with a hypnotic stare and they have maniacal grins so you best beware! Honeycomb arms and legs in true vintage style; Kreepy Kat and Party Pumpkin are sure to make you smile.

What's super spooky and ultimately groovy? A little breeze causes the arms and legs to blow freely and bounce around with more exuberance than ever seen before!

What's Included?:
- Features 2 monsters to a package
- Each individual monster is over 2 feet tall
- Monsters made of top-quality heavy weight 4-color printed paper with hinged body & attached accordion folded matching honeycomb paper for fun arms and legs to dangle
- The perfect Halloween decoration and/or gift!

Brand-new and factory sealed.

We also offer two other Party Killers 2-packs.

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