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DIGITAL VERSION - Scary Monsters #124 - Chilly Thrillers & Frosty Frights Issue

Scary Monsters 124th Chilly Thrillers and Frosty Frights Issue (WINTER 2021). 146 pages of Monster Kid goodness. This is the digital version with The Thing 1982 cover. The 1951 cover is only available in print.

SYNOPSIS: Scary Monsters’ 124th Chilly Thrillers and Frosty Frights Issue features profiles and memories of classic monster, sci-fi, and fantasy films and TV episodes involving the frozen dead, Arctic/Antarctica monsters, icy early TV terrors, and holiday horrors. We celebrate 40 years of John Carpenter's The Thing and the 70th anniversary of the classic 1951 film, The Thing From Another World, starring James Arness. We revisit the 1966 Dana Andrews Frozen Dead Nazi Zombie B movie The Frozen Dead, the 1977 Cushing/Carradine stunner Shockwaves, and the star-studded 1981 classic Ghost Story. We also examine the work of producer/director Ivan Tors, and much more.

In its 30th year of publication, Scary Monsters quarterly magazine and its annual issue highlight classic monster, sci-fi, and fantasy films from the 1910s to the 1980s. It also features frightening fiction stories, artwork, and nostalgic Monster Memories submitted by readers and writers from across North America and the United Kingdom.

Scary Monsters has been voted the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards’ Best Classic Horror Magazine for the past four year (2017 through 2020). Its award-winning wrap-around color cover art and 146 B&W glorious, retro pulp pages are packed with photos and articles for Monster Kids of all ages!

Why offer a digital e-version? Many overseas customers do not have access to the magazine, and the mailing cost is prohibitive, so this offers an option. Also, we have readers who have developed eye problems and the zoom-in capability of the digital version helps them with their reading. But, as long as we are the publishers, we will NEVER stop offering the print magazine!

Details: This digital pdf version is available by download only. 146 pages including cover. The file size is very large. We will send the file only to the email address provided at the time of purchase (no others). Once we receive your order, within 24 hours we will send you a link to access the file via This is for one download.

Of course, you can always order the print version of #124 as well!

Terms and Conditions: This digital file and all its contents are © 2021, and this digital download is being made available for purchase for the convenience of our readers who wish to also have a digital version. It is to be used solely by the purchaser of the digital download for their personal viewing by computer. It is not to be printed and/or shared with others in any fashion, including forwarding or posting on social media, posted to blogs, or other unauthorized uses. Purchase of this digital pdf download represents your approval and agreement concerning these terms and conditions.

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