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The Dark Side #226 - Cushing takes on the Seven Golden Vampires - PREORDER

The Dark Side is the U.K.'s magazine of the macabre, covering and reviewing horror films around the world. This is issue #226. PREORDER COMIND END of JANUARY 2022

Pre-Orders are sometimes offered with highly anticipated items not yet available from the manufacturer or distributor. This is a popular option for those who wish to reserve the item right away and avoid a quick sellout. Payment is required at the time of your order. If you add a pre-order to your regular order, your entire order will not ship until the pre-order is available for shipping. For this reason we recommend that pre-orders are made separately from regular orders to allow the regular order items to be shipped immediately (except for mailed payments by personal check which require a 10-day hold).

MACABRE MENU Includes: Back in the 1970s everybody was Kung Fu fighting, including Hammer Films, who took their horror act to Hong Kong to make The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires. We interview the director of the film in another great issue which is packed with petrifying treats as always. Other fine features to peruse include Peter Cushing’s turn as a deadly smuggler in Captain Clegg, a stunningly illustrated appreciation of the lovely Brigitte Lahaie, interviews with Spider Baby star Beverly Washburn and The Twilight Zone’s Howling Man, Alan Jones on Ennio Morricone’s most murderous music and more malevolence from Erich von Stroheim.

- Hammer in Hong Kong
- Morricone Magic: Music to Murder By
- Night Creatures: The Wages of Syn!
- Fascinating Lady: Brigitte Lahaie Uncovered!
...and much more!

Published January 20 2022 by Ghoulish Publishing.

Full-color glossy 65 inside pages. published by Ghoulish Publishing Ltd. Intended for mature readers as British publications and advertisements can contain some nudity in artwork and in photos.

Collectors Note: Brand-new, uncirculated and received directly from the UK publisher. We pick the best copy available. First-come, first-served. As inventory is depleted, remaining copies will have a corner ding or two.

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