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Mezco 5 Points XL Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Round 2 Set of 4 Figures

5 Points XL and Mezco Toys present Godzilla Destroy All Monsters (1968) set of 5-inch figures, with some interchangeable parts.

Price: $85.00  Sale Price: $74.99  You Save: $10.01 (12%)

5 Points XL - a colossal addition to our nostalgic 5 Points line with the same fan-fueled fun, but bigger! …It’s a little bit of a big deal.

It’s an all-out attack of monstrous proportions as the battle against the three-headed kaiju king from outer space continues!

This second bursting box of behemoths contains King Ghidorah, Manilla, Gorosaurus, and Baragon and includes select interchangeable heads, arms, legs, or FX.

- King Ghidorah: This three-headed space dragon is also Godzilla’s arch-enemy! King Ghidorah comes with three gravity beam FX that can attach to his three head portraits.
- Minilla: Son of Godzilla. Minilla comes with alternate arms, an alternate head portrait, and his signature smoke ring FX that attaches to his head portrait.
- Gorosaurus: The giant dinosaur that utilizes a leaping kick attack, similar to that of a kangaroo.
- Baragon: A four-legged, horned dinosaur-like creature. Baragon is known to leap long distances, burrow deep into the ground, and use his head to get his point across. Baragon comes with an alternate head portrait and an alternate pair of legs.

Two (2) Baragon head portraits
One (1) pair of Baragon legs
Three (3) King Ghidorah gravity beam FX
Two (2) Minilla head portraits
Two (2) pairs of Minilla arms
One (1) Miniilla smoke ring FX
Four (4) display bases

Collectors Note: 5 Points XL Destroy All Monsters (1968): Round 2 is packaged in a collector-friendly box, designed with collectors in mind.

Also want the Round 1 set of four monsters: Godzilla, Titanosaurus, Mothra larval stage, and Anguirus? Use the convenient Buy Both button below.

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