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Tom Weaver Presents Scripts from the Crypt #12 - Revolt of the Dead

Tom Weaver Presents Scripts from the Crypt #12 - Tod Browning's The Revolt of the Dead. 266 pgs.


London throbs with terror when the dead rise from their graves and walk its streets. The city will soon be overrun. The horror of it all is driving residents to madness and suicide. One victim suffers possession, stigmata, and crucifixion. With occult forces at work, civilization may be doomed!

Decades before Night of the Living Dead (1968), The Exorcist (1973), and other industrial-strength shockers, Tod Browning's 1932 screen treatment and script The Revolt of the Dead anticipated their horrors -- and at the same time echoed Browning's Dracula (1931) by featuring duplicates of several of that film's major characters.

Enter an unexplored corner of Browning's universe as the Scripts from the Crypt series world-premieres this ultra-rare work, along with background information unearthed by the redoubtable Prof. Gary D. Rhodes.

To delve deeper into Browning's storytelling process, Rhodes, Nathaniel Bell, Will Dodson, and Robert Guffey examine multiple script drafts of Browning's Freaks (1932), Mark of the Vampire (1935) and The Devil-Doll (1936) and document the step-by-step evolution of those macabre tales.

The cinematic universe of Classic Horror's "darkest" director is about to get weirder, wilder, and more shocking!

Brand-new. Copyright 2022 Gary D. Rhodes. 266 B&W pages.

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