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Mark Spears Monsters Trading Cards & Stickers - Halloween Edition

Mark Spears Monsters Trading Cards & Stickers All-New Halloween Edition!

From the dark depths of Dracula's Castle to the slime-covered murky swamps come the Mark Spears Monsters! These horrifically terrifying Monsters are just dying to be in your home.

Mark Spears Monsters Halloween Edition Trading Cards are here! The Mark Spears Monsters make their horrific return in this ghoulish new Halloween Edition for 2022.

Collect all your favorite classic monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf, Mummy, Monster Bride, and new original ones as well!

Exclusive Limited and Numbered Parallels! Each box may include Ghoulish Golds, Bloody Nightmares, 1982, Ghoul, and Monochrome cards. Autographs by Mark Spears, Scarah Damsel of the Doom, and Joe Bob Briggs are possible as well! Printing Plates! Rare Night of the Living Dead Cards and much more!

What monsters will you unleash this Halloween? Hobby Box comes with 8 packs per box with 20 cards in every pack, for a total of 160 cards in the box (does not include the complete set of 92 base cards -- after all, the idea is to search out and collect/trade cards you don't find in the box.).

Collectors Note: Brand-new, factory sealed. Received directly from the artist.

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