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UFOs at the Drive-In 100 True Cases of UFO Encounters at Drive-In Theaters

UFOs at the Drive-In: 100 True Cases of UFO Encounters at Drive-In Theaters.

UFOs at the Drive-In!

Just imagine: you're watching your favorite movie at the local drive-in theater when suddenly you see a strange flying object swoop down from above and hover right over the movie screen. The object is metallic, saucer-shaped, with portholes and colored lights, and is totally silent.

It's a UFO! Cars start honking and flashing their lights. People exit their cars, pointing and screaming. Some drive away in terror. Then the UFO starts to move around over the theater putting on a show that's far more interesting than the movie itself!

It may sound like science fiction, except it's true! This unique and groundbreaking book, by veteran UFO researcher Preston Dennett, documents more than 100 firsthand cases in which UFOs have targeted drive-in theaters. In these cases, UFOs hover at very low levels for long periods of time and are observed by hundreds of witnesses. Often there are strange electromagnetic effects. Sometimes humanoids are seen.

There are too many cases to deny. This area of UFO research has been ignored for too long. Something profound is happening here. This book reveals a bizarre type of UFO behavior that only a lucky few have ever seen. So, come along on a fascinating journey that is sure to change the way you feel about UFOs.

Brand-new and uncirculated. Blue Giant Books, 2020. Soft cover paperback. 163 pages.

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