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WONDER Magazine 13 Haunted Mansion Deep Dive

WONDER - the children's magazine for grown-ups. This is No. 13 Haunted Mansion Deep Dive.

Bagged and Boarded?

The wonder-ful magazine that had a 12-issue run in the 1990s is back!

In issue 13 of the children's magazine for grown-ups, publisher, editor, designer Lint Hatcher smuggles a divining rod into Disney's darkest dark ride, hoping to uncover the origins of his Haunted Mansion mania.
- Bill Van Ryn explores Kennywood dark rides
- Mike Bogue compares Toho's original giant monster throwdown with Legendary's Godzilla Versus Kong
- Lint Hatcher discovers a post-prehistoric Dinosaur Land
- Robert Freese visits lost amusement parks by way of home video
- Bradley Steele Harding tweaks the rabbit ears on the old TV set to review The WNUF Halloween Special
- Micah Harris reviews a Frozen backstory on Disney+
- Greg Gick surveys a classic John Collier short story collection
- John W. Morehead finds Robbie the Robot at Walmart
- Lint Hatcher asks, "Why are there so many kid detectives?"
- Plus, G. K. Chesterton, a ghost story by R. H. Benson, and a visit to the Silvermoon Drive-In!

Brand-new and uncirculated. February 2022. Color. 96 pages.

Do you want your copy Bagged & Boarded (inserted into an archival quality clear sleeve with white backer board)? Choose "Yes" or "No" at the drop-down menu above. This service adds $1.00.

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