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Attack of the B Queens by Jon Keeyes

Attack of the B Queens is a celebration of women in horror films. Editor Jon Keeyes begins the journey with an examination of the Birth of the B Film from the silent era through the 1950s. Soft cover. 256 pages.

The trail is continued by scream queen Linnea Quigley who looks at Hammer Films, Brinke Stevens who discusses The Art of Screaming: the 1980s, Debbie Rochon continues with Sequels A Go-Go and the adventure continues with chapters on Corman Heroines, Glam Babes from Outer Space, Into the Post Modern Era and Queen Bitches of the Universe. Short interviews with B Queens such as Mamie Van Doren, Stella Stevens, Tura Satana, Barbara Leigh, Gail Harris, Ginger Lynn Allen, Jackie Lovell, Kathy Kurtz, Leslie Culton, Patricia Tallman, Sasha Graham and Tina Krause are also included. A quick examination of the scream queens of the B movies from Fay Wray through the 21st century. Unavoidably, not much time is spent on each of the ladies of the B's. On the other hand, the book really shines when it examines the evolution of the B movie market, especially during the latter quarter of the 20th century. Initially, the B's were companions for the big budget A movies that brought people to theaters, then became the fodder for teen-populated drive-in theaters when the big studios began losing their grip and the double bill disappeared. Then there came direct-to-video, replaced in the 1990's by erotic thrillers and sequels by the score. Filled with tidbits of B movie lore, the book boasts chapters penned by Linnea Quigley on the Hammer Horror queens and Brinke Stevens on the 1980s. Lots of photographs, a good cross-section, entertaining reading.

Brand new. Midnight Marquee Press (January 8, 2009)

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