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Castle of Frankenstein magazine #38 - PREORDER Coming Fall 2023

From the publishers of Scary Monsters magazine, Castle of Frankenstein continues with issue No. 38. This is a preorder shipping the Fall of 2023

Bagged and Boarded?:

Preorders are sometimes offered with highly anticipated items not yet available from the manufacturer or distributor. This is a popular option for those who wish to reserve the item right away and avoid a quick sellout. Payment is required at the time of your order. If you add a preorder to your regular order, your entire order will not ship until the preorder is available for shipping. For this reason, we recommend that preorders are made separately from regular orders to allow the regular order items to be shipped immediately (except for mailed payments by personal check which require a 10-day hold).

Castle of Frankenstein #38 explores From, the captivating television horror mystery about a town in the middle of nowhere that imprisons those who enter; chats with a former Castle cover artist; examines Stephen King’s classic space invader movies; looks at how theaters promoted the first monster movies; and much more! Plus, regular features: Baron von Neck’s Mad Movie Reviews, Forgotten Fantasy, Tales of Terror, Mike Goes to the Movies, and Slaymate of the Month. 96 pages loaded with fantastic photos!

96 perfect-bound pages. Color cover, B&W pulp pages. There's so much to explore inside the Castle doors!

Collectors Note: Brand-new and uncirculated. Picked directly from the printer's cartons.

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