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Here There Be Monsters: Interviews and Essays on Classic Horror Cinema

Here There Be Monsters: Interviews and Essays on Classic (and not so classic) Horror Cinema by Bryan Senn. 449 pages plus index.

For over three decades, author Bryan Senn has researched, analyzed, and written about the cinema fantastique. His interviews and articles have appeared in a score of genre publications -- everything from well-established and well-regarded magazines like Scary Monsters, Filmfax, Shivers, Midnight Marquee, and Monsters from the Vault.

Herein are three decades’ worth of interviews, histories, tributes, reviews, and overviews on the diverse world of horror and science fiction cinema (many expanded from their original form or new altogether). It's an eclectic exploration of horror movies that touches on everything from Universal Classics, the Fantastic Fifties, and Hammer Horrors to European gothics, Mexican wrestlers, and Uruguayan lycanthropes.

This cinematic smorgasbord offers up the good, the bad, and the ridiculously entertaining via entries ranging from short bites to comprehensive essays, spiced with in-depth career interviews and personal reminiscences.

For those who can appreciate the gothic aesthetics of a Universal graveyard or the enjoyable bombast of a Bela Lugosi Poverty Row performance or the entertaining craziness of a masked wrestler battling a monster, Here There Be Monsters....

Copyright 2021 Bryan Senn. Publish by BearManor Media. 1-inch-thick soft cover 449 pages plus index. Lots of photos, too!

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