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Lost Films of the Lost World: Volume 1 1905-1965 by John LeMay

Lost Films of the Lost World & the Movies That Time Forgot: Volume I: 1905-1965 Paperback

Get ready to explore a bevy of prehistoric paths not taken across the silver screen in… LOST FILMS OF THE LOST WORLD! Explore THE LOST WORLD’s lost footage and deleted cannibal subplot; delve into lost LOST WORLD sequels like ATLANTIS and a spoof to star Charlie Chaplin; uncover a forgotten adaptation of MYSTERIOUS ISLAND in 1929; explore the wilds of 1951’s JUNGLE MANHUNT to find a deleted dinosaur scene; ponder the possibility that dinosaur test footage meant for THE LOST ATLANTIS popped up in THE LOST CONTINENT; and unravel the tangled web that turned a monster-less sequel to HERCULES UNCHAINED into GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON. Then, see what could have been if Willis O’Brien had been allowed to complete GWANGI in 1942 as opposed Ray Harryhausen’s 1969 VALLEY OF GWANGI, and other ‘what-could-have-been’ scenarios! See THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS envisioned as a tentacled alien or a mythical minotaur as opposed to a dinosaur; picture THEM! filmed in Technicolor 3-D; marvel at GORGO wrecking Tokyo instead of London in KURU ISLAND, and watch in awe as dinosaurs run amuck in the original planned finale of 1961’s MYSTERIOUS ISLAND! All this plus reviews of ‘Movies That Time Forgot’ like UNKNOWN ISLAND, EEGAH!, TWO LOST WORLDS and more from the likes of Mike Bogue, Neil Riebe, Blake Matthews, Matthew B. Lamont and Lee Powers!

Brand-new and uncirculated. Received directly from the publisher. Copyright 2023 John LeMay. Softcover. 290 pages.

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