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Universal Monsters The Wolf Man Cane Limited Edition Prop Replica

Universal Monsters The Wolf Man Cane Limited Edition Prop Replica.

Museum-quality collector's replica of one of the most iconic Universal Monsters props: Larry Talbot's Cane from 1941's The Wolf Man.

The Original Prop
Purchased as a harmless gift, this cane ultimately becomes the instrument of Larry Talbot's destruction.

Multiple props were created for the production of 1941's The Wolf Man by noted prop-maker Ellis Burman Sr.: a functional hero prop (shown in last photo) and stunt props cast in rubber for actor safety. The wolf head design was based on and hand-sculpted over an existing boar head cane; a popular motif on traditional walking canes.

The Replica
Today, only a single rubber stunt cane head survives in the personal archive of collector extraordinaire Bob Burns. Cane replicas produced in 2013 were based on that piece. However, this new edition is based on never-before-seen vintage reference photography of the hero prop, which allowed for the production of a new, highly detailed 3D model, from which this new prop replica was created, just as it appears when first seen in the Conliffe Antique Shop.

Not only is this edition of the cane more accurate to the hero prop, it now features an upgraded all-metal handle construction and a solid acacia wood shaft.

Due to rights considerations, the language on the round black plaque has been modified slightly from the dialogue in the film at the request from the licensor.

Prop Details: Size: 37.5 inches long from the top of the wolf head to the end of the tip. The shaft is solid hardwood (acacia) and the head is chrome-plated brass. The tip is chrome-plated steel and is supplied with a removable rubber cap on the top. The round plaque comes with hooks to hang the cane for display.

Brand-new and factory sealed, received directly from the manufacturer. Comes as shown in stock photos.

Important Purchasing and Shipping Note: THIS ITEM MUST BE PURCHASED ALONE, AND NOT AS PART OF A LARGER ORDER. The shipping carton is lengthy and requires an added dimensional weight surcharge, which has been added to the shipping cost.

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