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The Dark Side #255 - Storyboard Sorcerer - My Bloody Valentine - JUST IN!

The Dark Side is the U.K.'s magazine of the macabre, covering and reviewing horror films around the world. This is issue #255.

- Storyboard Sorcerer (is that a typo on the cover or a British spelling?): Petrifying Horror Art
- Fright Unseen: Invisible Terrors!
- Franco Favourite: Maria Rohm Wasn't Built In A Day!
- Clotted Screams: Hammer's Cornish Horrors
- Not Suitable for Miners: My Bloody Valentine Revisited... and more!

Published May 30, 2024 by Ghoulish Publishing.

Full-color glossy 65 inside pages. published by Ghoulish Publishing Ltd. Intended for mature readers as British publications and advertisements can contain some nudity in artwork and in photos.

Collectors Note: Brand-new, uncirculated and received directly from the UK publisher. We pick the best copy available. First-come, first-served. As inventory is depleted, remaining copies WILL have a corner ding or two.

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