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Sideshow Metaluna Mutant This Island Earth Exclusive 12-inch figure

Sideshow 12-inch exclusive version of one of the weird Metaluna Mutant aliens from the classic sci-fi film This Island Earth. Limited Edition, one of only 750 worldwide.

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The Sideshow Exclusive version of the The Metaluna Mutant 12 inch Figure includes a unique feature available nowhere else: A Miniature Metaluna Spaceship.

Exeter, an alien from the planet Metaluna invites some of America's most brilliant minds to work on a top-secret project at his earthly mansion. Among those accepting the invitation are Cal Meacham and his ex-fiancee, Ruth Adams. Torn between his duty and his morals, Exeter whisks Cal and Ruth away in his flying spaceship back to his home planet. Cal and Ruth learn Exeter's true motives - to use the scientist's atomic knowledge in building a defense shield to protect Exeter's war-ravaged planet against their enemy, the Zahgon. Only shortly after they land, Cal discovers that the ruler of Metaluna plans to invade Earth and brainwash the population. Alone on an alien world, Cal and Ruth run for Exeter's ship to make an escape but are attacked by the hideous Metaluna Mutant.

Filmed completely in a revolutionary new format called TECHNICOLOR, featuring "This Island Earth" was considered one of the most ambitious science fiction films of its era.

The The Metaluna Mutant 12 inch Figure features: Over 30 points of articulation lie hidden underneath a fully detailed rubber body suit. Authentic head portrait with large brain and bug-eyes likeness. Sideshow Collectibles signature three-piece display stand with Metaluna Mutant base art. Sideshow Exclusive: A Miniature Metaluna Spaceship.

Collectors Note: Choose your desired packaging condition at the drop-down menu above. Lower grade item has crease on display box flap.

Now, enjoy the trailer!

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