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Monsters Unleashed 3-disc set (9 movies, 5 Gamera classics!) DVD New Sealed

Go Green! Get Unleashed! Our favorite fire-breathing turtle stars in this incredible 3-disc set containing 9 monster movie classics and more than 13 hours of action and bonus features! Out of print and very hard to find as a new, sealed set like these.

Disc 1
Gamera vs. Monster X (1970/Color/75 mins.)
During the preparations of a World's Fair, workers unearth an ancient sacred statue. This discovery unfortunately releases the giant lizard Jiger. It is now up to Gamera, the giant monster hero, to destroy the intruder and keep humanity safe.

Gamera vs. Gaos (1967/Color/87 mins.)
Gaos, the giant bat-like monster, is awakened when a volcano begins rumbling. A young boy joins scientists to tap into his psychic connection with Gamera, the giant monster that will help save humanity (again!). Everyone holds their breath as they wonder if the young boy will be able to help destroy the evil Gaos.

Yongary, Monster From the Deep (1967/Color/79 mins.)
A terrible giant gasoline-eating monster (not Exxon!) is awakened when an enormous earthquake hits Seoul, Korea. Scientists are frantically called in to help destroy the colossal beast that is obliterating their city.

Bonus Feature: Classic Monster Movie Trailers

Disc 2
Warning From Space (1956/Color/87 mins.)
When earth is discovered to be on a collision course with another planet, aliens come down from space to warn mankind of the danger (nice blokes, eh?). Once the message is conveyed, a scientist races against time to build a bomb that will veer the other planet off its course of destruction.

Destroy All Planets (1968/Color/90 mins.)
Extraterrestrials and their giant squid-like spaceships have invaded planet Earth. Gamera comes to the rescue with his typical fire-belching and stomps over anything, and anyone, that gets in his way. Also known as "Gamera vs. Outer Space Monster Virus."

War of the Monsters (1966/Color/89 mins.)
Gamera, the terrorizing jet-propelled giant turtle from outer space, returns to planet Earth to save everyone from Barugon, the horrifying, gigantic lizard with freezing-breath.

Bonus Feature: Monster Poster Gallery

Disc 3
Gamera, The Invincible (1965/B&W/86 mins.)
When U.S. troops shoot down a Russian bomber, the plane and its payload of hydrogen bombs explode upon impact. The blast releases the giant fire-breathing Gamera. The colossal beast makes its way to Tokyo, and begins to destroy the city (and we though he was a hero, haruumph!). A classic monster flick, fans of this genre will love to see how it all began!

The Giant Gila Monster (1959/B&W/74 mins.)
A giant Gila Monster is terrorizing a small community, killing at random, and knocking over barns and buildings. When the monster threatens to devour Chace Winstead's little sister, he attempts to destroy the beast with a hot rod full of nitroglycerin (don't ask).

Monster From a Prehistoric Planet (1967/B&W/90 mins.)
An infant creature is found on an island by a group of reporters. The little creature is caged and sent to Japan to become a media attraction (they'll pay to see anything apparently). Not only do the island's natives object wholeheartedly of the removal of the beast, but so do the creature's giant parents.

Bonus Feature: A History of Monster Movies

Carefully remastered for best possible picture quality, interactive menus. Total content time: 13 hours, 9 mins.

Brand-new, factory sealed!

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