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Mummy, The - Boris Karloff - VHS - NEW SEALED

It comes to life! From Universal Studios' Classic Monster Collection: The Mummy, starring Boris Karloff.

Karloff's legendary performance has become a landmark in the annals of screen history. As the mummy, Im-Ho-Tep, he is accidentally revived after 3,700 years by a team of British archaeologists.

It is revealed in a flashback that he was a high priest, embalmed alive for trying to revive the vestal virgin whom he loved, after she had been sacrificed. Alive again and dressed as a present-day Egyptian, he sets out to find his lost love.

Today, more than 60 years after its release, this brooding dream-like film remains a masterpiece not only for the genre, but for all time.

Bonus Materials include: Mummy Dearest A Horror Tradition Unearthed, an Original Documentary Theatrical Trailer, Feature Commentary and much more!

1932/B&W/74 mins.

Collector's note: Brand-new factory sealed. Cover artwork on VHS editions vary.

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