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Roger Corman Creature Movies - 3 Camp Classics - DVD New Sealed

Three great camp classics from the Master...all for less than the price of one!

Before the Jurassic Parks and Screams, director Roger Corman was the guy who could make us shriek in terrified delight at campy--but still scary--movie monsters. This classic triple bill takes you back to a simpler era when "special effects" meant rubber masks and flying pie tins and the creature always got the girl!

Creature From the Haunted Sea
Oops. When a two-bit crook tries to cover his tracks by laying the blame on the fictional sea beast of local legend, he doesn't count on the creature turning up in the village to even the score. Director Corman himself makes a cameo appearance.

Beast From Haunted Cave
It's a classic "Don't go in there!" movie, when a band of gold thieves tries to smuggle their loot over the Canadian border. As they hide out in a remote mountain cabin with their terrified hostages, they're about to encounter a particularly icky monster that only could've been dreamt up in 1960.

The Wasp Woman
"B" movie queen Susan Cabot stars as a youth-obsessed cosmetics tycoon who finds her newest potion a little too effective: shoe looks terrific but develops the nasty temperament of a ruthless female wasp, right down to the nocturnal murder sprees. This one gives new meaning to the term, "if looks could kill."

Bonus Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Selection, Selected Filmographies, Biographies and Trivia.

Brand new, factory sealed.

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