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Undying Monsters magazine #2 - Vincent Price

Dave Davey's UNDYING MONSTERS issue #2 Commemorating 100 years of Vincent Price cover by Mark Maddox August 2011.

Bagged and Boarded?

Undying Monsters is more like the vintage Famous Monsters we read as kids and grew to love. The magazine's goal is to faithfully recreate the style first pioneered by the late, GREAT Forrest J. Ackerman, to whose memory the magazine is dedicated.

Introduced with a much heralded Limited Edition issued at Chiller Theatre by editor/publisher David Davey, Undying Monsters magazine is "A Pictorial Homage to Past Horror, Sci-Fi, & Fantasy Media," and the beast of the best when it comes to classic horror and sci-fi magazines! Issue Number 2 offers a trove of never-before-seen stills, an in-depth Film Book review of a classic monster movie, and a host of regular features, topped off by an incredible cover tribute Commemorating 100 years of Vincent Price by Mark Maddox.

The Horror of it All


Brain Busters

Ghoulish Games: The first Castlevania game haunts Nintendo.

The Mad Magician: Vincent Price's 3-D Follow-up to the House of Wax

Digital Screams: From 1965 - Hal Seeger's Milton the Monster Show!

The Haunted Palace: The title is Poe but the story Lovecraft.
Just My Type: Rich Schellbach's new column is PRICEless!

A Monster of My Own: A nostalgic look at some monster toys from the 1960s

The Price of A.I.Poe: A brief summary of American-International Pictures E.A. Poe series that made Vincent Price as the World's #1 Horror Icon

Glossy color cover with glossy B&W interior pages

See our MyMovieMonsters ad featured on inside front cover of this issue! Believe us, this magazine is to 'Un-die" for!

Collector's Note: As always, we'll ship your copy to you NEW, UNREAD, BAGGED and BOARDED.

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