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The Monster Box Volume 2 Vintage 8mm Cover Art Collector Cards

Back from the grave! Every great monster movie has its sequel, and it's no different with this sequel to the first set. THE MONSTER BOX Vol. 2 is a limited-edition boxed-set archive of twenty-five collector's cards, featuring the dazzling cover-art from 8mm horror/sci-fi/fantasy film boxes.

THE MONSTER BOX VOL. 2 once again features the fantastic imagery that was featured on 8mm movie boxes from the '50s, '60s, and '70s.

Each card's image has been painstakingly restored to its original luster and vibrancy. You won't find any scrapes, scratches, grime or fading colors on display here. Each cover has been professionally reprinted by a full-color Heidelberg press on heavy 120-pound, gloss card stock with a protective aqueous coating. These full-scale cards come packaged in a handsomely illustrated genuine 8mm film reel box!

You will once again be engulfed in a wave of ghoulish glee as you savor the latest batch of eerie images. Take a walk back with to the days when movie monsters lived on actual film and sprang to life in our darkened living rooms.

The cards featured in MONSTER BOX VOL. 2 are:
Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Castle cover), The Black Room (Columbia), The Blob (Ken films), Bucket of Blood (Ken films), Creature From The Lagoon (Castle cover), The Deadly Mantis (Castle cover), Dr. X (Ken films), Equinox (Ken films), Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster (Ken films), Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (Ken films), Frankenstein's New Brain (Castle cover), Frenzy (Castle cover), House of Frankenstein (Castle cover), The Invisible Man (Castle cover), It Conquered The World (Ken films), Man Made Monster (Castle cover), The Mummy's Ghost (Castle cover), Pit And The Pendulum (Ken films), Radar Men From The Moon (Republic), Reptilicus (Ken films), Return of the Vampire (Columbia), Son of Kong (Ken films), Squirm (Ken films), The Werewolf (Columbia), and Woman In The Coffin/Awful Dr. Orloff (Mountain).

Brand-new and received directly from the manufacturer. The cards come in cool collector box. also offers Volume 1 and Volume 3. Only 3 volumes produced, so get yours today!

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Buy both for: $59.98

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