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Enterbay Real Masterpiece Bruce Lee Game of Death Behind the Scene 1/6 scale fig

From Enterbay comes the Real Masterpiece "Behind the Scene" collector set featuring a 1:6 scale Bruce Lee figure as he appeared in the cult film Game of Death! Incredible likeness with loads of accessories.

Price: $449.00  Sale Price: $429.00  You Save: $20.00 (4%)

Game of Death was the film Bruce Lee had planned to be the demonstration piece of his martial art Jeet Kune Do and his theory; unfortunately he never managed to finish it. The yellow-and-black tracksuit which Lee wore in the film has come to be seen as something of a trademark for the actor, and is paid homage to in numerous other media.

This 1/6-scale action figure's wax configuration features two head sculptures with incredible likenesses of Bruce Lee plus two sets of the Game of Death costume. Both costumes are made with real fabric, and to make the overall product more authentic.

Set includes:
Newly developed RM-X1 Original Action Body: Rubber coating action body with contractible biceps
Wooden background stage
Studio light (USB led light)
Vintage '70s hand-held movie camera
Camera case
Wooden Director Chair
Movie clapperboard
Vintage studio used loud speaker
The classic Bamboo stick from The Game of Death
Pair of yellow The Game of Death Nunchaks
Nunchaks holder
7 pairs of interchangeable hands
Pair of socks
Pair of Game of Death yellow sneakers
FS-201 figure stand
Deluxe packaging

Collectors Note: This is #3727 of a limited run of 5,000 sets. Brand-new and factory sealed. Cardboard wrapper that covers the set's case has shelf wear rub marks. One corner of wrapper and case has 3/4 inch split seam from packing by distributor.

About Bruce Lee:

Bruce Lee (Chinese: Li Xiao-long; born Lee Jun-fan; November 27, 1940 - July 20, 1973) was a Hong Kong American martial artist, Hong Kong action film actor, martial arts instructor, philosopher, filmmaker, and the founder of Jeet Kune Do. Lee was the son of Cantonese opera star Lee Hoi-Chuen. He is widely considered by commentators, critics, media and other martial artists to be one of the most influential martial artists of all time, and a pop culture icon of the 20th century. He is often credited with helping to change the way Asians were presented in American films.

Game Of Death (1978)
The original plot involved Lee playing the role of a retired champion martial artist who was confronted by the Korean underworld gangs. They tell him the story of the pagoda's treasure and guns are prohibited. When Lee refuses, his younger sister and brother are kidnapped, forcing him to participate. Hai Tien (Bruce Lee's character), as well as four other martial artists (two of which were played by James Tien and Chieh Yuan), fight their way through a five-level pagoda , encountering a different challenge on each floor. The setting of the pagoda was at Beopjusa temple in Songnisan National Park in South Korea . The pagoda, called Palsang-jon, is the only remaining wooden pagoda in South Korea. At the base of the pagoda they fight 10 people all black belts in martial arts, while inside the pagoda, they encounter a different opponent on each floor, each more challenging than the last. Although his allies try to help out, they are handily defeated, and Lee must face each of the martial artists in one-on-one combat. He defeats Filipino martial arts master Dan Inosanto , hapkido master Ji Han Jae , and finally Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , who fights with a free and fluid style mirroring Lee's Jeet Kune Do. Because Kareem's character has great size and strength in addition to a fighting style as potent as Lee's, he can only be defeated once Lee recognizes his one weakness-an unusual sensitivity to light. Lee smashes the surrounding windows, weakening him with exposure to daylight, and finally manages to kill him.

Although the pagoda was supposed to have five floors, complete scenes were only shot for three of the floors-the "Palace of the Tiger," where Lee faced Inosanto, the "Palace of the Dragon", where he fought Ji Han Jae, and the final floor, where he fought Abdul-Jabbar. Hapkido master Ing-Sik Whang was slated to play the guardian of the first floor, a master of a kick-oriented style, while Bruce's longtime student and good friend Taky Kimura was asked to play the guardian of the second floor, a stylist of praying mantis kung fu .

The goal of the film's plot was to showcase Lee's beliefs regarding the principles of martial arts. As each martial artist is defeated (including Lee's allies), the flaws in their fighting style are revealed. Some, like Dan Inosanto's character, rely too much on fixed patterns of offensive and defensive techniques, while others lack economy of motion . Lee defeats his opponents by having a fighting style that involves fluid movement, unpredictability, and an eclectic blend of techniques. His dialogue often includes references on their weaknesses.

Copyrights Notices:

BRUCE LEE is a registered trademark of Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC.

The Bruce Lee name, image, likeness and all related indicia are intellectual property of Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Game of Death 1993 STAR TV Filmed Entertainment (HK) Limited and STAR TV Filmed Entertainment Limited.


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