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Bandai Tamashii Godzilla Chibi SD Super Deformed Mini 2" figures 6 pack

From Bandai America! Unleash Super Deformed "Chibi" versions of Godzilla '93, Mechagodzilla '93, Mothra '92, King Ghidorah '91, Gigan '72, and Destoroyah, all in a single diorama 6-pack! Out of production but available here!

Price: $59.99  Sale Price: $49.99  You Save: $10.00 (17%)

With over 50 years of history, Godzilla, the most powerful pop icon gets a new anime look with these Super Deformed interpretations of six classic characters from the history of Godzilla. Chibi-style Godzilla mini-figures!

Set includes 6 different mini-monsters! Each SD figure measures 2-inches tall. Godzillas galore! From Bandai Tamashii Nations, the gang from the Godzilla series gets the chibi treatment.

The awesome figures in this Godzilla Chibi Super Deformed Mini-Figure 6-Pack are perfect for showing off your love for good old Godzilla without having to carry around life-size versions of the big guy, and since each mini-monster features Super Deformed styling, this fantastic 6-pack is a must for all Godzilla fanatics.

There are six 2-inch tall figures in all, including 1993 versions of Godzilla and Mechagodzilla, the 1992 portrayal of Mothra, 1972's Gigan, the 1991 interpretation of King Ghidorah, and 1992's Destoroyah.

Collectors Note: Brand-new set of 6 figures encased in clear plastic packaging creating a diorama affect perfect for displaying with your Godzilla collection!

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