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ThreeA 3A Ashley Wood EVENFALL Strigoi Totemnaut Security Red 1/6 Scale Figure

A space vampire in search of prey!
From Ashley Wood's sci-fi horror series 'EVENFALL' comes a 1/6th scale figure of the enemy creature known as 'Strigoi' - a creature that was once an astronaut until it was transformed by the contagion.

The Strigoi are wandering vampires that use the claws that grow from their hands to suck the life from unsuspecting prey.

The figure stands approximately 36.5cm in height and features articulation throughout the body - even his fingers are individually jointed. The visor in his helmet is also fitted with a joint to open and close.

Additionally, a booklet explaining the world of EVENFALL is also included. (Story: Chris Ryall / Illustrations: Ashley Wood)

Collectors Note: Brand-new and factory sealed. Stock photos show loose figure to show details. This is a very unique piece whose value has soared like most Ashley Wood creations. Product may differ slightly from photo. Please note that the art and photos may vary to some degree from the actual products.

Ashley Wood is an internationally acclaimed, commercial illustrator, concept designer and comic book artist. His work has appeared in books, movies, magazines, comics, television and video games. He is a three-time Spectrum Award winner and a two-time Communication Arts award winner. Sideshow Toys, Medicom Toys have made toys based on Ashley's work. Ashley is the co-owner of 3A toys with Threezero.

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