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Monsters and Things #1 and #2 50th Anniversary Limited Edition reprint

Scary Monsters Magazine presents this 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Complete Putrid Pulp reprint of Monsters and Things #1 and #2.

Price: $30.00  Sale Price: $25.00  You Save: $5.00 (17%)

Bagged and Boarded?

Monsters and Things #1 (January 1959) Contents:
Half Human
Frankenstein 1970
Go, Ghoul, Go!
Bellman's Voodoo Head
Dig That Wailing Dirge
Revenge of the Were-Thing
The Creeping, Flying Terror

Monsters and Things #2 (April 1959) Contents:
The Story of Frankenstein
Monster from Green Hell
Horror-Beasts Dine Tonight!
You Can't Cheat Death's Demon
The Undertaker's Sideline
Low Priestess of Hell

Perfect bound, glossy soft cover book. Color cover and 98 B&W inside pages. Reprint published in February 2009.

Collectors Note: Brand new and uncirculated. We'll pick your copy directly from the printer's carton from shrinkwrapped bundles of 10 books.

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