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Scary Monsters magazine #22 - Scarifying Twenty-Second Issue!

This is the Scarifying Twenty-Second issue of Scary Monsters, published in March 1997. Each copy is new, uncirculated and picked directly from the printer's shipping carton.

Bagged and Boarded?

Contents Include:
Mike Lane... Karloff's Monster - Keeper of the Purple Twilight
More Monsters of The Outer Limits
Monster Memories An American Werewolf In London
The Giant Spider Invasion
The Four "Lost" Films of Boris Karloff Part 2 - The Fear Chamber
Here There Be Dragons, Centaurs, and a Cyclops or Two, The Movie Magic
House of Dracula
Monkey Memories - Beneath The Planet of The Apes
A Tribute to The Monster Times
A Stranger in a Strange Land the Phantom From Space
Scarifying Monster Memories - Stick-on Stamps
Carnival of Souls
Sam Scare Interviews Debbie D as Destiny Vampire Mermaid
The Haunted Palace
Citizen Cal
War of The Satellites
Monster Memories of Zacherley
Zacherley America's Cool Ghoul
The Quartermass Memoirs
When Karloff Called Interview With Amada Duff
The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll
Scare TV... Land of The Giants
Mutiny in Outer Space

Two-color cover and 170 B&W pulp inside pages.

Collectors Note: Each copy is new, uncirculated and picked directly from the printer's shipping carton.

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