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Monster! #28 / 29 paperback digest Spring Special 2016 - 220 pages!

The digest-size MONSTER! is chock full of articles and reviews of new and old domestic and international monster movies! This is the Spring Special 2016 Issues #28 and #29 -- a ginormous 220 pages! Choice of vampire cover or H.P. Lovecraft cover.

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From the production team: Okay, this here's our first ever (and hopefully last!) "double" issue, which has twice as many pages as our usual average-sized ish, hence it must be our ... Spring Special! However, rather than come up with a paragraph of sales hype which is twice as long as usual, we're just gonna keep things short (unlike the mag itself!) and sweet. Thanks to our regular reliable roster of talented scribes (and artists), plus a few new contributors besides, we've got a gigantic grab-bag of monstersome goodness (and BADness) for you.

Contents include articles about/reviews of a clutch of HPL-themed movies; Jess Franco's 1970s "monster mash" trilogy; '70s FRANKENSTEIN made-for-TV flicks; a cinema/pop culture career overview of Countess Elizabeth Bathory; Pt.2 of "Australian Gothic," about the 1929 Australian stage tour of the play DRACULA; the obscure 1960s monster mag called SHRIEK!; Mexi-mummy movies featuring the shabby shamble known as Popoca; plus plentiful other features interspersed throughout, of both the written word and visual art kinds.

Individual movies covered include DAGON (2001), THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE (2010), CULT OF THE COBRA (1955), IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS (1994), THE PROJECTED MAN (1966), CTHULHU MANSION (1990), HOUSE (1986), THE BLOOD BEAST TERROR (1967), THE PROMISE KEEPER (2006), plus more besides. Then there's book and comic reviews, plus a whole whack of info regarding the video availability of specific movie titles covered. Get set for Creature feature overload!

Color cover, B&W inside. 220 pages. 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Intended for mature readers, in our opinion.

Ordering Instructions: You must choose your desired cover at the drop-down menu above. Choose between the vampire cover or H.P. Lovecraft cover while supplies last.

Shipping Note: This paperback weighs substantially more than a magazine, so depending what if any other items are ordered, we may choose to ship it via Media Mail.

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