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Monster! #12 paperback digest December 2014

The digest-size MONSTER! is chock full of articles and reviews of new and old domestic and international monster movies! MONSTER! is the hideous brainchild of cinema magazine guru and masterful film critic, Tim Paxton deadicated to all things monstrous. If you love monsters, you're going to have a snarling good time reading MONSTER!

The 12th big issue of 2014, and it's the biggest yet at over 100 digest-sized pages! And have we got a whole bunch of goodies in store for you -- and just in time for Xmas, too! Co-editor Tim Paxton contributes Part 7 of his continuous coverage of the monster movie output of India's prolific filmmaking family, the Ramsays; the main focus in M! #12 being The House of Ramsay's latest horror offering, NEIGHBOURS: THEY ARE VAMPIRES. In his ongoing Creature Feature series, Louis Paul eyeballs a number of choice (and not-so-choice) "eye creature" flicks, including-natch!-THE EYE CREATURES and THE CRAWLING EYE. Elsewhere, over 20+ pages, fellow seasoned zine scene scribe Stephen R. Bissette gives his fond reminiscences and a whole bunch of fascinating behind-the-scenes backstory on the humble-but-loveable British irradiated aquatic dino epic THE GIANT BEHEMOTH, as well as taking in a number other monstrous dinosaur movies in the process. It's zombies, zombies and-yes!-still more zombies for Adam Parker-Edmondston's lightning-swift if super-stuffed, 10-page look back at some of the odder walking dead flicks to be had -- and, as you can well imagine, there are a lot! In addition, Steve Fenton gives some well-deserved advance coverage of a proposed indie Hollywood biopic which is currently in pre-production whose subject is famed stuntman, cowboy star, "go-to gorilla guy" and frequent monster-suit performer Ray "Crash" Corrigan (who amongst many other things played IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE. That fact alone ensures him immortality!). We've also got a diverse cross-section of "on-theme" movie reviews from our longest roster of contributors yet, also including Dennis Capicik, Greg Goodsell, Brian Harris, Troy Howarth, Christopher William Koenig, Mike T. Lyddon, Eric Messina, and Christos Mouroukis. Individual movies reviewed this issue include the '50s reptile-man schlocker THE ALLIGATOR PEOPLE, the outrageous '80s UK sci-fi/horror mindblower LIFEFORCE, the wacky Filipino kiddie monster fantasy BOY GOD, the arty late-'60s Argentine vampire flick BLOOD OF THE VIRGINS, and the hugely entertaining Japanese kaiju classic, THE WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS. Other titles covered this ish are THE VALDEMAR LEGACY (both 1 & 2), ABOMINABLE, DAY OF THE MUMMY and CRY WILDERNESS, plus, as always, in our back pages we provide detailed data about the video availability of each title covered. And not only that, but once again we have some stunning original B&W pen-brush-and-ink line art from mucho-talented comics artist Denis St. John, who also contributes a guest editorial too. As per usual, it all comes heavily illustrated with rare poster art, ad-mats and photographs, and is packed to the gills with obscure factoids and trivia. Hell, we've even got footnotes, too! So if any of this sounds up your alley, by all means give us a spin.

This is one Monster! which came back from the grave. Editor Tim Paxton created a fanzine of that name in 1988 which grew into a magazine called Monster! International. That incarnation came to an end in the late 1990s.

Color cover, B&W inside. 105 pages. 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Intended for mature readers, in our opinion.

Shipping Note: This paperback weighs substantially more than a magazine, so depending what if any other items are ordered, we may choose to ship it via Media Mail.

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