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The Dark Side #189 The Lost Boys - UK's Mag of the Macabre

SOLD OUT 11/8/2022 The Dark Side is the U.K.'s magazine of the macabre, covering and reviewing horror films around the world. This is issue #189 - The Lost Boys!

The Dark Side goes back to the '80s covering one of the coolest vampire movies of that era, The Lost Boys. You can meet Kiefer and the gang inside along with many more '80s favourites including Fright Night, the Elm Street series, and Michael Mann's cult spooker, The Keep.

Other great features include Killer Snakes and James Whale, too, plus a flavoursome report from Dark Side's very first DarkFest, so don't miss this one!

Full-color glossy 66 inside pages. Published 2018 by Ghoulish Publishing Ltd. Intended for mature readers as British publications and advertisements can contain some nudity in artwork and in a photo or two.

Collectors Note: All copies are brand-new, uncirculated and received directly from the UK publisher. We'll pick the best condition copy, first come, first served. As inventory is depleted, remaining copies may have a corner ding.

The Dark Side #183 was sold out before we could obtain any copies for our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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