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INFINITY #8 - Blake's 7 is 40 - sold out issue JULY 2020 REPRINT

From the publishers of The Dark Side in the United Kingdom comes INFINITY, a new magazine dedicated to sci-fi and fantasy. This is Issue #8, featuring "Blake's 7 is 40" Celebrating the Anniversary of the Terry Nation Classic. REPRINTED JULY 2020

INFINITY #8 also includes:
Battlestar Galactica: In Search of the Legendary Planet Earth
Ray Harryhausen's Golden Voyages
Lost in Space: "Danger Will Robinson!"
Aliens" Jenette Goldstein
...and more!
Free double-sided poster inside!

Glossy full color 68 pages. Copyright 2018 Ghoulish Publishing. REPRINTED JULY 2020

Collectors Note: Brand-new and uncirculated. High demand reprint received directly from the publisher in the UK. We'll pick the best condition magazine first come, first served.

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Buy both for: $32.00

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