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Monogram Snap Tite Spiked Dinosaur Styracosaurus 1:13 Scale Model Kit

Monogram Snap Tite Spiked Dinosaur Styracosaurus 1:13 Scale Factory Sealed Plastic Model Kit. Shrink wrap is tight with minor box crimping.

Price: $199.95  Sale Price: $189.95  You Save: $10.00 (5%)

The Spiked Dinosaur, or Styracosaurus, dates back over 70 million years, to the late Cretaceous time. It was a vegetarian and fed on the large, prehistoric plant life. It was a large beast with a head that measured over seven feet long and was heavily armed with strong, pointed horns for protection against attacking carnivora. In addition to its nasal horn, which was over a foot and a half long, Stracosaurus had six long, horn-like spines protruding in a crescent arrangement from its collar-like head shield. This kit is molded in tan and SNAPS together, no gluing needed. The model is over 13'" long (33 cm). Head and legs are movable and mouth can be opened and closed. May be painted to match photos on box. (Paint not included.)

Skill Level 2. Snap together assembly, no glue or paint required (photo shows sample professionally painted kit). Ages 10+.

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