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Monster Parade #1 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Reprint

Monster Parade #1 60th Anniversary Tribute Reprint from Scary Monsters, with a new intro. NEW. Uncirculated. Limited print run.

Bagged and Boarded?

It's back and better than ever! In September 1958, Monster Parade magazine was released close on the heels of Famous Monsters of Filmland, which was the magazine responsible for igniting the monster craze that carried into the 1970s. While the beloved FM continues to be published in a more modern and some say less appealing form, Monster Parade and its heavier emphasis on short stories of fiction lasted only four issues but has its place in monster movie magazine history as the second publication of its kind.

Many Monster Kids, movie enthusiasts, and collectors discovered Monster Parade decades after its demise because of its short run and the difficulty in securing any of the four issues. Curiously, Monster Parade #1 was originally printed as Volume 2, Number 6, presumably to circumvent postage issues for new publications or to give an indication that the title had been around for a while. Issue #1 features stories such as "Rock Around the Tombstone," "Revenge of the Jukebox Vampire," and "Feed Me, Mr. Wodgett." Readers can also enjoy special features like "Come Into My Parlor" and monster previews such as "Monsters In Your Living Room."

Now, Scary Monsters presents a PRISTINE, high-quality 60th anniversary reprint of the very first issue for all to enjoy! This limited-print-run reprint is as close as it gets to picking up an original copy from a newsstand in 1958 - maybe even better!

Finding an original copy today can be a fearful task, and even if you do, the condition is probably fair or worse, and the price is terrifyingly high! But now you can own your own piece of horror magazine history in a presentation so good it'll scare you!

Full Contents:
Rock Around the Tombstone
I'll Love You to Death
Horror Show
Feeding Time at the Zoo
Revenge of the Jukebox Vampire
Witch Girl
Most Horrible Story in the World
Feed Me, Mr. Wodgett

Movie-TV Monster Previews:
Fiend Without a Face
Monsters in Your Living Room
The Haunted Strangler

Monster Parade Special Features:
Come Into My Parlor
You'll Die Laughing
... and much more!

Perfect-bound, glossy soft-cover book with full-color cover and 64 B&W inside pages. Published October 2018 by Digitally restored and reprinted by husband & wife monster kid team, Don and Vicki Smeraldi

Collectors Note: Brand-new and uncirculated. Your copy will be picked directly from the printer's carton.

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