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Classic Monsters of the Movies magazine issue #13 -Halloween at 40

Direct to from the United Kingdom: The 13th issue of Classic Monsters of the Movies magazine -- continuing the tradition of the great monster mags of yore!

Classic Monsters of the Movies issue 13 is another journey into the realm of classic creeps and vintage villainy, with our unique and vibrant approach to the horror movies of yesteryear.

But wait - isn't that Michael Myers on the cover? Why, yes it is, and we're celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of Halloween with an exploration of the many reasons why Haddonfield's favorite son is a classic monster. Our beautifully evocative cover painting by horror art maestro Daniel Horne is just the start, as you'll soon discover that Halloween shares many characteristics with the golden age of Universal monsters and the Hammer Horror era. You might be in for a few surprises!

Naturally, there's a wealth of other classic horror goodness in issue 13 of Classic Monsters of the Movies. The relationship between Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff comes under scrutiny in an insightful feature which examines the power dynamic between these two horror greats and their collaborations on the screen. Was Lugosi really embittered about the success of Karloff's career, and did the Englishman resent his Hungarian colleague's skills? It's time to find out.

This issue also contains a biography of Tod Browning, the hallowed disciple of the grotesque whose turbulent life was mirrored in horror movies ranging from Dracula to Freaks and The Devil Doll. You're sure to have seen some of his movies, but there was so much more to the man himself. We also look at our passion for transforming monsters; werewolves and vampires barely scratch the surface of this monstrous subspecies that holds a perennial fascination for movie fans.

Among many other articles inside, there's a profile of 1955 classic Revenge of the Creature. Torn from his beloved Black Lagoon, the Gill-Man is getting used to new surroundings, but the world of science fiction horror won't allow him to stay quiet. It's safe to say there's a killer new exhibit at the oceanarium...

Classic Monsters of the Movies #13 is the perfect addition to your monster magazine collection, with wonderfully reproduced stills bringing your favourite horror movies to life. World-class journalism immerses you in the motion pictures which we love so much, offering a fresh approach to the genre. Wrapped up in clean, timeless design and stunning production values, Classic Monsters of the Movies is a horror magazine you can't possibly afford to be without.

Issue 13 includes:

Halloween - it's 40 years since Michael Myers was unleashed, and the horror movie was never the same. It's recognised as one of the first slashers, but this seminal movie actually has plenty in common with the more traditional classics too.

Karloff and Lugosi - they had more on-screen chemistry than Dr Jekyll's lab, but what was going on behind the scenes, and did it affect the way these two icons worked together?

Metamorphosing Monsters - horror cinema is packed with monsters who spend their time shifting between identities. What's the enduring attraction of shape-shifting creatures?

Tod Browning - his often shocking work has played a crucial role in horror movie culture, so it's only fair that we understand more about the man himself.

Revenge of the Creature - the sequel to Creature from the Black Lagoon did a great job of developing the story of the Gill-Man, filling us with terror and pity alike.
And more besides!

Magazine specifications:
66 pages.
Full colour throughout.
Packed with stills, posters, articles and info. Printed and finished to the highest standard.

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