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Tales of Horror Volume 1 - Demons of the Under Worlds -Pre-Code Classics

Tales of Horror Volume 1 collects the full-color comics Tales of Terror #1 (1952) and Tales of Horror issue #1-4 (June 1952-January 1953). Hard bound bookshop edition.

Toby Press was a small but respectable comics publisher, which also used the imprint Minoan. They put out one issue of Tales of Terror but then got hit by a cease-and-desist order from E.C., which used that title for their annuals.

Toby dropped that title and started over with TALES OF HORROR, which ran thirteen issues.

Toby may be the only comics publisher to swipe the urbane and cynical stories of John Collier, rather than relying on Poe, Lovecraft, and the like.

Writers and Artists include Myron Fass, Bill Molno, Pete Morisi, Ed Smalle, Lawrence Dresser, Max Elkan, Art Helfant, Ernie Schroeder, and Bernard Baily.

Originally published in magazine form by ACE Magazines.

Brand-new First Edition November 2018. 184 full-color pages. Hard bound bookshop edition.

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