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Golden Age of Science Fiction: A Journey into Space in the 1950s Hardcover

The Golden Age of Science Fiction: A Journey into Space with 1950s Radio, TV, Films, Comics, and Books. Hard cover, full color. 240 pages. A British perspective from UK author/photographer John Wade.

John Wade grew up in the 1950s, a decade that has since been dubbed the "golden age of science fiction." For him, the super-accuracy and amazing technical quality of today's science fiction films pale into insignificance beside the radio, early TV, and B-picture films about people who built rockets in their back gardens and flew them to lost planets, or tales of aliens who wanted to take over, if not our entire world, then at least our bodies.

This book is a personal account of John Wade's fascination with the genre across all the entertainment media in which it appeared; the sort of stuff he reveled in as a young boy and still enjoys today.

Brand new. Copyright John Wade 2019. Published by Pen and Sword Books. Hard cover with dust jacket. B&W and color photos/images, 240 pages.

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