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Swamp Monsters Classic Monsters of Pre-Code Horror Comics Soft Cvr IDW/Yoe Books

SWAMP MONSTERS! Classic Monsters of Pre-Code Horror Comics. Soft cover, full-color book from IDW and Yoe Books, publishers of Haunted Horror and other titles.

Price: $29.99  Sale Price: $27.99  You Save: $2.00 (7%)

Something's out there in the mad, murky depths of the fear-filled, sinister swamp ... some ... swamp ... THING is coming for you! And it's out for murder!

The terror team that brought you Zombies, Return of the Zombies, and the petrifyingly popular hit series Haunted Horror take you on an excursion of evil into the dankest, lagooniest corners of your nightmares and dredge up page after page of icky, drippy, slimy, grimy beasts from the grungy bottom of the Pre-Code comics" bog.

Swamp Monsters is curated by Steve Banes and includes a profusely illustrated introduction by the acclaimed artist of Swamp Thing, comics legend "Swampy" Stephen R. Bissette!

Swamp Monsters is part of the Classic Monsters of Pre-Code Horror Comics collection, which includes Mummies and Ghosts.

Brand-new. May 2019. 128 full-color pages. Soft cover, square-bound book.

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