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Television Terrors from the UK's The Dark Side - 178 pages

Television Terrors: A History of Horror on the Small Screen. Edited by The Dark Side editor Allan Bryce. This is a fine companion to their other books, including Hammer: The Haunted House of Horror, British Horror Films: Beyond Hammer & Amicus, and Amicus: The Friendly Face of Fear. We have them all, while supplies last!

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Horror begins at home, with that one-eyed monster in the corner of the living room. The intimate nature of television makes it the perfect format for telling horror stories, in long or short form. In the early days of the medium these were relatively mild in nature, but that didn't prevent them from giving youngsters sleepless nights.

Kids in the UK might not have been allowed to sit up and watch Quatermass, but they weren't even safe from scares at teatime, what with the monsters of Doctor Who and the creepy paganism of Children of the Stones, a chilling portrayal of a village held captive by the sinister power of its Neolithic stone circle.

The fact remains that the small screen shudders many of us experienced at an impressionable age, whether sitting on the sofa or hiding behind it, have shaped the lives of generations of future horror fans, as well as influencing many of today's top genre filmmakers, people like Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Sam Raimi, Guillermo del Toro, John Landis and Joe Dante. As you will see here, many of these made their first mark in the TV arena before moving on to much bigger things.

Considering how influential TV horror continues to be, we are proud to present Television Terrors, a comprehensive, picture-packed guide to the small screen’s most memorable creations.

Starting in the early days with chapters on the likes of One Step Beyond, The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, Television Terrors also covers Quatermass and the many other chilling creations of its creator Nigel Kneale.

Other stunningly illustrated chapters remind the viewer how much fun it was to curl up late at night with ITV's Mystery and Imagination, the BBC's Ghost Stories For Christmas and BBC2's classic Horror Double Bills.

We also open up the secret files of Darren McGavin's Carl Kolchak, take a wander through Rod Serling's Night Gallery and learn the full story behind the BBC's chilling Ghostwatch from its author Stephen Volk.

Delve deeper into these glossy, magazine-size pages and you'll find a full run-down of ABC's most macabre Movies of the Week as well as famed mini-series such as Salem's Lot and the original 1990 TV version of Stephen King's It.

You'll also learn all about the making of The Munsters and The Addams Family and hear what Robert Englund has to say about his Freddy's Nightmares TV series. And to bring things right up to date we take a look at how TV terror has changed in recent times, with gory hit shows like American Horror Story and The Walking Dead.

The Dark Side Editor Allan Bryce has enlisted some of today's most highly respected genre authors to tell the full story of shocks on the box. Each one brings their unique style and knowledge to their specialist subject.

Beautifully illustrated throughout, with never-before-published stills, posters and candid behind-the-scenes photographs, this lavish book is an essential purchase for any fan of the dark side of the small screen!

Copyright November 2019 Ghoulish Publishing Ltd. First Edition Soft Cover. 178 pages including cover.

This book is brand new and shipped to us directly from the publisher in the UK.

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