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Jack Kirby's Marvel Heroes and Monsters Artist's Edition HC 15 x 22 inches

LOW INVENTORY ALERT: 1 left in stock: Jack Kirby's Marvel Heroes and Monsters Artist's Edition from Marvel and IDW Publishing. Hardcover 168 pages. Huge 15 x 22 inches coffee table book.

A collection of beautiful stories featuring some of Jack "King" Kirby's most iconic and enduring heroes: Captain America, the X-Men, Ant-Man, and Sgt. Fury!

Included in this glorious Artist's Edition are complete stories of each and all drawn in the old Twice-Up format (meaning this is a BIG book!).

Additionally, several of Kirby's best monster stories are also included. Rounding off in true Artist's Edition style is an extra-long gallery section, filled with great and rare covers, pin-ups, and exceptional pages. Another Kirby winner from IDW Publishing!

Partial review by Artist's Edition Index: "This catch-all title provides a ton of entertainment: twelve complete stories ranging from six to twenty-two pages, plus twenty-seven covers and splash pages in the gallery. All at the twice-up size of 15" by 22". Plus an introduction by Glen David Gold and wrapping up with a one-page Kirby biography. It really doesn't get any better than this.

"Tales To Astonish #35: Return of the Ant-Man (September 1962)
Tales Of Suspense #81: The Red Skull supreme! (September 1966)
Strange Tales #105: The return of the Wizard! (February 1963)
Sgt. Fury #6: The fangs of the Desert Fox! (March 1964)
X-Men #7: The return of the Blob! (September 1964)
Journey Into Mystery #58: The return of the Martian! (May 1960)
Journey Into Mystery #63: The dangerous doll (December 1960)
Journey Into Mystery #74: Midnight in the wax museum (November 1961)
Journey Into Mystery #76: Follow the leader (January 1962)
Strange Tales #94: I was a decoy for Pildorr The Plunderer from outer space! (March 1962)
Tales To Astonish #19: Rommbu! (May 1961)
Tales To Astonish #34: A monster at my window! (August 1962)

"All but two pages are scanned from original art. This may be the first time I've seen 'this image was reproduced from a photocopy" on replacement pages.

"Scans are great: no issues in clarity. Pages haven't aged badly, with colour from off-white to yellow. Margin notes vary widely: from nothing to panel descriptions. Far more correction fluid use on the Heroes work versus almost none on the Monster work. And, the opposite for visible pencils. Lots of visible gradients in the inks."

August 2018. 168 pages. B&W and some spot color on contents and introductory pages. Cover is blue, black, and white as shown in photo.

Collectors Note: Brand-new and uncirculated. Comes factory shrinkwrapped and placed in protective box with sticker. This is the highly collectible Artist's Edition.

Shipping Note: This is a very large and heavy book (13 lbs.). This high-value item qualifies for economy Media Mail shipping, but insurance MUST be selected. If you are also ordering non-qualifying items (only books, DVDs, and VHS video qualify for Media Mail -- magazines do not) then you MUST choose a different shipping method (the weight of this book will make the postage very high) or order this item separately from the other items, which will save on postage.

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