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EC Comics The Martian Monster & Other Stories by Jack Kamen Hard Cover

From EC Comics comes The Martian Monster and other stories illustrated by Jack Kamen and written by Al Feldstein. Sci-fi classics from an EC Comics great!

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In Jack Kamen's first stories for Weird Science and Weird Fantasy, he and writer Al Feldstein explore the unexpected twists and turns that arise from the unintended consequences of new inventions such as matter transmitters, molecular duplicators, shrinking rays, time machines, and too-perfect robots.

Well-known for his sure hand and slick line and his chic depictions of 1950s-style glamour, Kamen delights in bringing Feldstein's wicked scripts to graphic life -- but there's surprisingly sharp social and political commentary as well, with stories that foreshadow the threat of climate change and the perils of artificial intelligence.

From the creation of a miniature civilization to femmes fatale from the future to the precise prediction of the sun going nova, you'll find this collection of sci-fi shockers to be some weird science, indeed!

This is Volume 24 in The Fantagraphics EC Artists Library.

Brand-new and uncirculated. First Edition February 2019 by Fantagraphics Books. Hard cover. More than 160 B&W pages.

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