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Classic Monsters of the Movies magazine Issue #19 - Please Read Notice Below!

Featuring: The Curse of Frankenstein - how Hammer Horror got into its stride. Classic Monsters of the Movies issue #19 is packed with the cinematic monsters of yesteryear, giving all you monster kids the perfect way to rediscover the movies you love so much.

Important Notice from Classic Monsters Received Recently: "We're still having the same logistical difficulties which prevent us at present from fulfilling any international wholesale orders. ... Given the fact that we only sell our own titles, we have to maximize the profit that we do make, and circumstances are proving very difficult to run the wholesale side at present, hence our decision to suspend it for the time being until we can identify some workable solutions and shipping options."

In short, what this means to customers of is that we will not be offering the latest titles from Classic Monsters for the foreseeable future. This issue #19 may be the last one we'll have available for purchase.

With this issue, head back to the early days of Hammer Horror with an exploration of The Curse of Frankenstein. At the time of its 1957 release it horrified critics, sent audiences wild, and made cash registers (not to mention Hammer themselves) very happy. It was the dawn of the age of English gothic, and there’s never been anything like it since. Our cover story " celebrated with Daniel Horne’s awe-inspiring painting of Christopher Lee as the Creature " unpicks the stitches of a truly iconic horror film that paved the way for an entire sub-genre of monster cinema.

This is Issue #19. Published July 2020 by Stripey Media. 64 full-color, glossy pages.

Collectors Note: Brand-new and uncirculated. We always pick the best copy available. First come, first served. Copies nearing the end of stock may have a dinged corner or two.

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