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Italian Horrors from the UK's The Dark Side - 196 pages

Italian Horrors: Cannibals, Zombies, Strange Vices, and Guilty Pleasures. Edited by The Dark Side publisher/editor Allan Bryce. This is a fine companion to their other books, including Hammer: The Haunted House of Horror, British Horror Films: Beyond Hammer & Amicus, and Amicus: The Friendly Face of Fear. We have them all, while supplies last!

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This stunning book from the Dark Side team chronicles the best and the worst of Italian Horror, a genre that frequently favours style over narrative sense and is characterised by over-the-top gore, lurid sex and strong violence. It has also given us many memorable imitations of foreign box office hits, from The Exorcist to Jaws and of course George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead, inspiration for Lucio Fulci's classic Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979). And the Romero version didn't include an underwater encounter between a shark and a zombie!

Delve into this glossy, lavishly illustrated volume and you will find chapters on the major players of the Italian horror scene. FrightFest legend Alan Jones examines the career of Dario Argento, while Giallo Pages expert John Martin covers Lucio Fulci and Sergio Martino, as well as taking a salacious look at the Ladies of Giallo. Alongside features on master stylists Mario Bava and the origins of Giallo in print, you'll find up-to-date interviews with the likes of Ian McCulloch, Luigi Cozzi and Ruggero Deodato and a colourful report on the Cannibal genre by Eugenio Ercolani and Gian Giacomo Petrone. Eugenio is the author of the seminal book, Darkening the Italian Screen, and he also contributes a fascinating final chapter on the sad decline of the Italian horror scene after all those zombies, cannibals and psychopathic killers were forced into retirement by changing economic conditions.

As always with Dark Side books, this is a great value volume, beautifully produced and full of never-before-published stills and posters. It will tell you everything you need to know about this hugely popular subject and is an essential purchase for any true fan.

Copyright November 2020 Ghoulish Publishing Ltd. First Edition Soft Cover. 196 pages including cover.

This book is brand new and shipped to us directly from the publisher in the UK. This last remaining copy has corning dings from shipping. The price has been reduced accordingly.

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