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TV Horror Hosts Tribute Page!

See our 20-page article "North Coast Horror Hosts" featuring Ghoulardi and more in the Scary Monsters 106th APE-ocalypse Issue available here on our website!

Cleveland horror hosts "The Mummy and The Monkey" at GhoulardiFest 2017. (Nice shirt, Mummy! She was gracious enough to wear it in a trade with the Scary Monsters publisher!) You can catch their antics and so-bad-they-are-good movies on! Also, be sure to visit their website for other viewing info and more at



The Big Chuck and Lil John GhoulardiFest is still going strong in Cleveland, OH.

The late Ernie Anderson, a.k.a. Ghoulardi, was the original Cleveland late-night TV Shock Theater horror movie host on WJW-TV Channel 8 from 1963-1966. He left the show when it was at the peak of its popularity and headed to Hollywood where he would become "The Voice of ABC" and one of the top TV voiceover artists of all time.



Starting at WJW-TV as a production assistant for Ghoulardi, the late Ron Sweed would, with the permission of Ernie Anderson, revive the Ghoulardi character when Anderson left for Hollywood. But Sweed dubbed himself The Ghoul and launched a new show on WKBF-TV Channel 61. The show would be syndicated in several cities through the late '70s. The Ghoul Show would go off the air when WKBF shut down but returned to TV through the late 1990s. Pluck your magic twanger, Froggy!

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Ghoulardi sidekick producer/engineer Chuck Schodowski [second from right, with another Ghoulardi protege Tim (originally Tom) Conway] and "Hoolihan the Weatherman" (Bob Wells) took over where Anderson left off at WJW-TV and hosted The Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show through 1979 until Wells left. He was replaced with Lil John (Rinaldi), see photo of Big Chuck and Lil John below, who had been a regular on the show. Big Chuck and Lil John would air in the traditional format through 2007. In 2011, FOX 8 launched Big Chuck and Lil John on Sunday nights at 11:30 p.m. featuring classic show skits and some new production. 

(Click the image to visit the Official Son of Ghoul Website)

Celebrating 30+ consecutive years on the air (1986-?) in the Cleveland/Akron area is Son of Ghoul (a.k.a. Keven Scarpino). He is among the longest-running costumed horror hosts in the nation. The Son of Ghoul Show is currently seen on W16DO-D, virtual channel 16 in Cleveland and WAOH-CD, virtual channel 29 Akron. Son of Ghoul also appears at conventions. 

(Click the image to visit the Svengoolie website.)

Svengoolie is on Saturdays at 8 pm/7 pm CT on MeTV. Click on the photo for his schedule. He has been the premiere horror show icon of Chicago since multiple Emmy-award-winner Rich Koz became the hand-picked successor to the original Svengoolie back in the late 70s. Since then, generations of viewers have become fans of the monstrous mirth and movies that this video vampire dispenses every week over the airwaves!

While based in the Chicago area, Svengoolie has fans all over the country who, since 2011, have tuned in to catch his antics every Saturday night on MeTV! Acknowledged by even the most famous horror hosts as a peer, Svengoolie has become the king of horror hilarity.

Note: While there were (and still are) many memorable TV horror movie hosts throughout the country, Ghoulardi, The Ghoul, and Hoolihan & Big Chuck (and Lil John) were the talented performers we grew up watching on many a late Friday or Saturday night with family and friends in Cleveland, Ohio. Fangs for the memories, group!

As Ghoulardi used to say: Cool it with the boom booms, ova-day! Stay sick! Turn blue! Knif! Oxnard! Or, as The Ghoul used to say: Scratch glass! Climb walls! And remember, do it while you can, but don't get caught!

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