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Were you born before 1964 and perhaps are afraid of the DOT COM? Fear not. Skip computer online ordering. Just dig up a live person by calling (951) 600-7154 and place an order by phone, or write to us at at the address above. We honor all major U.S. credit cards through PayPal ( and accept U.S. money orders from USPS, Western Union, major banks and similar institutions. We also can accept your credit card information by phone or mail. Personal checks from U.S. banks are accepted but we place a 10-day hold on them to ensure clearance through our bank. We reserve the right to cancel or revise any order that involves a pricing error, typo, or other unintentional mistake made in our product listings.

Quantity Purchase Limit

We are not a wholesaler. The quantity purchase limit for all items listed on our website is two (2). Orders for more than two of an individual item will be canceled.

Duplicate Orders/Purchases

If a duplicate order for an item or items is purchased for any reason, we will ship the item or items unless alerted immediately by the customer, at which time a store credit will be issued.

Preorders, Special Orders & Layaway

Preorders are sometimes offered with highly anticipated items not yet available from the manufacturer or distributor. This is a popular option for those who wish to reserve the item right away and avoid a quick sellout. Payment is required at the time of your order. If you add a preorder to your regular order, your entire order will not ship until the preorder is available for shipping. For this reason, we recommend that preorders are made separately from regular orders to allow the regular order items to be shipped immediately (except for mailed payments by personal check which require a 10-day hold).

Layaway may be available by special request if more than two units of an item are in stock. Inquire if interested. A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to initiate layaway and hold your item. Payments toward the purchase are required monthly and a $5 layaway fee is added to each payment. Once your full payment has been received (including shipping charge and all appropriate layaway fees) your item will be mailed by USPS.  - Scary Monsters® - Castle of Frankenstein®

Since 1999, has offered monster lovers vintage classic horror and sci-fi collectibles, including model kits, figures, magazines and movies circa the 1910s through the 1970s, featuring licensed or manufactured products from top companies such as Universal Studios, Sideshow Collectibles, Bandai, Diamond Select, Mezco Toyz, NECA, Toho/Godzilla, Moebius, MPC, AMT, Monarch, Doll & Hobby GA, Dark Horse, Ghoulish Publishing, We Belong Dead, and many others.

Scary Monsters® is our quarterly classic horror and sci-fi magazine "for Monster Kids, by Monster Kids." Usually running a massive 128 or more inside pages, it has the look and feel of the pulp monster magazines of the 1950s and 1960s. The spring issue of Scary Monsters is the Monster Memories Edition, which features letters, articles, and photos submitted throughout the year by Monster Kids and lovers of classic horror and sci-fi.

Please note, all ads, contact information, and merchandise appearing in issues of our publishing properties prior to Scary Monsters #101 (2016) are no longer valid. All inquiries should be directed to or 951-600-7154. 

Castle of Frankenstein® is published twice a year in spring and fall. Over its 96 or more inside pages, it features in-depth analysis of classic horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films and includes columns Baron von Neck's Mad Movie Reviews TM of obscure B movies from the past and present, Forgotten Fantasy, Tales of Terror, comic Valentina von Frankenstein TM, traditional Slaymate of the Month TM, and much more. 

Scary Monsters and Castle of Frankenstein are published by, P.O. Box 70, Alma, AR 72921-0070. Scary Monsters and Castle of Frankenstein are registered trademarks of Monster Magazine Marketplace, Monster Memories, SCARY magazine, Sam Scare, Scarysaurus, Monster Parade, World Famous Creatures, Horror Monsters, Mad Monsters, Monsters and Things, and Journal of Frankenstein, and related characters and their distinctive likenesses are trademarks of, and all original content, unless otherwise noted, is copyrighted ©1991-2024 and the exclusive property of All Rights Reserved.

Digital Versions of our magazines are now available. This is a convenient option for customers with vision problems or for overseas readers. Once purchased, we will send the customer an email (to the address provided with the order) containing a link to download a pdf of the magazine within 24 hours of their order. The file will be available at for a limited time. Purchase of a digital version represents the customer agreement that they will abide by the usage conditions described in the digital version listing in our online store. We reserve the right to deny or restrict future access if the conditions are not followed.

Subscriptions to Scary Monsters are available on our website and by mail or phone order to U.S. mailing addresses only. The subscription includes four issues (the spring issue is the Monster Memories Edition). Once purchased, and the first issue is received, the subscription will run its full term and cannot be partially refunded if ended prematurely. Add $1 per issue for "bagged and boarded" copies. Shipping is included in the prices. Shipping insurance is not available for subscriptions, so do not select insurance in the shopping cart. If you require insurance, you must order each issue separately rather than through a subscription. The reason is that subscriber issues are mailed in a thin tear-resistant polyolefin (plastic) envelope, while individually purchased copies are mailed in a stiff, bend-resistant cardboard mailer.

Letters are welcome! Scary Monsters and Monster Memories are “for Monster Kids, by Monster Kids,” so we encourage your letters that may be published in the Scare Mail section of an upcoming issue. All letters become the property of the magazine and may be published in whole or in part. Send to the email address or PO Box listed above.

Submission Guidelines: Articles, Monster Memories, or Artwork are not guaranteed to be published, but the chances are good if the subject matter is family friendly but still scary and focuses on monster, sci-fi, and/or fantasy films from the 1910s-1980s. Familiarity with the current content of Scary Monsters is strongly recommended. Modern slasher and gore subject matter should be submitted elsewhere for consideration.

Submissions are voluntary and without compensation. However, the author receives a copy of the issue in which their article appears. They also get significant exposure of their work as our magazines are distributed internationally, including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Chapters/Indigo (Canada) bookstores as well as in comic shops and retail stores in the UK, Australia, and other countries.

You must include with your submission your full name, email address, phone number, and U.S. Mail address. Articles must be prepared in a Microsoft Word document (or equivalent) using no more than 3,000 words. Email to We will acknowledge receipt of the submission but may not be able to review it and make comments for some time because of our heavy workload. If your article is tentatively approved for publication in an upcoming issue, it will be proofed and edited for accuracy and grammar and in keeping with our editorial style. If excessive revisions are needed, the article may not run.

Any photos or graphics intended to possibly accompany the article should be sent in jpg/jpeg or png format and attached to the submission email separate from the text document (do not insert images into the text). Photos must be from the public domain or with accurate credit provided. Please, no blurry or tiny images. Suggested captions are helpful.  

You may ask, “What is a Monster Memory?” This is an informal article (often relatively brief) in which you would recall a favorite monster movie, actor, or director, etc. that influenced you so much that you became a lifelong fan of the genre. Or, you could write about a family member or friend who introduced you to monster movies.

Artwork can be submitted by email (see image requirements above) or by U.S. Mail to the address listed above (must include an appropriately sized postage-paid envelope if it is to be returned). Please keep in mind that it will be printed in B&W.

All submissions must be the author’s or artist’s own work and has not been published elsewhere, in print or online.

Wholesale copies of Scary Monsters are available upon request to qualifying retailers. However, the current issue is not available to retailers planning to sell copies on any auction sites. We reserve the right to deny wholesale purchases to any retailer not following this policy.

Print Advertising Rates 
For pricing, deadlines and technical details, click here or contact us by phone, email or U.S. mail at the number and addresses above. Details are also printed in every issue.

Product Safety Notice is not a manufacturer. We do not conduct any tests on the merchandise we sell. The items we sell are NOT intended as toys for youngsters. They are products designed for and marketed to adults and are not meant for children unless the manufacturer packaging clearly provides a suggested minimum age. We assume no liability regarding product safety of any kind. Any questions or complaints should be directed to the individual manufacturers.

Item Conditions and Grading for Collectibles, Magazines, and Comics

Collectibles we offer for sale, unless otherwise noted in the item description, are new and factory sealed. Some of the action figures we offer are pre-owned (a better term than "used" for these purposes) but the figures, unless noted, have never been removed and displayed. To give collectors a general idea of the condition of the packaging or display box for each figure, we use the widely accepted rating system C1-C10. C10 is considered true mint. The packaging is glossy, with no visible defects, and is in the manufacturer shipping carton. C1 means the packaging or display box shows significant handling damage but contents are intact. Lower-graded items at a lower cost are perfect for those who wish to discard the packaging and display their figures. You will find most items fall in the C6-C9 range. Please keep in mind that we are not professional graders.

Magazines and comics are brand-new, uncirculated, and picked from the publisher or distributor shipping carton, unless otherwise noted in the individual item description. Most we would consider Near Mint. As is the case with general collectibles, we are not professional graders but do provide an accurate description of any printer defects or other information collectors would be interested in. We cannot guarantee Mint or perfect copies of the magazines we offer, particularly with those shipped to us from the UK, but we will ship the best available on hand. Newly released and stocked issues stand the best chance of being in excellent condition.

Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy and only collect information to complete or give the status of your order. This info includes your name, email, shipping/billing addresses, credit card details, and phone number. We will never rent, sell or share your personal info for any reason. We do not keep or store credit card details, even for regular customers, beyond one-time use during a purchase.

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