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Addams Family, The DVD New Sealed

Weird is relative! Looking for something creepy...spooky...kooky...and altogether ooky?


Alien Anthology Comicon (Egg Package) Blu-ray Widescreen DVD Set New Sealed

The ALIEN ANTHOLOGY is a truly unique home entertainment experience. Each set is numbered and part of a Limited Edition of 5,000. "The Guardian" - An exclusive, illuminated statue sculpted by Sideshow protects the precious disc cargo held within. Glows when activated.

Price: $259.99  Sale Price: $238.00  You Save: $21.99 (8%)


Alien Quadrilogy 9-DVD Set New Sealed

The ultimate Alien collection is here! Will this set be as rare as the previous Alien set and be almost impossible to find? We'll know soon!


All Monsters Attack! 50 Classic Movie Trailers DVD New Sealed Out of Print!

No animals were harmed in the making of this DVD ... only people! More than 50 classic horror and sci-fi movie trailers. They're colossal, they're hungry, and they're coming this way! Here's the most gigantic assortment of oversized beasts, behemoths, dinosaurs, and indescribable space creatures ever to overwhelm your video screen.


Amazing Mr. X, The DVD New Sealed

In his eyes, the threat of terror! In his hands, the power to destroy! No, it's not your two-year-old son!


Ape Man, The DVD New Sealed

Bela Lugosi goes ape without a cape in this relatively unknown classic starring the horror legend.


Ape, The DVD New Sealed

Ape's Gone Wild, and the fur flies! Boris Karloff and Wolf Man writer Curt Siodmak bring together their legendary talents in this low-brow (er, uni-brow) classic.


Astounding She-Monster / She Demons 2-Pak DVDs New Sealed Out of Print RARE

The ladies are out of control in this campy yet memorable two-some of gruesome gal-ghoul sci-fi/horror!

Price: $79.95  Sale Price: $74.95  You Save: $5.00 (6%)


Atom Age Vampire DVD New Sealed

When a blond-bombshell stripper is disfigured in an auto crash, she is miraculously healed by a serum created by the depraved Professor Levin, who falls in love with his crash-test-dummy patient.


Attack of the 50-Foot Monster Mania #3 DVD New Sealed - Rare Out of Print!

Host Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, brings viewers on an adventure of monstrous proportions. With razor-sharp teeth, deadly claws and giant feet, giant movie monsters have left their oversized imprints in film history. Not available new anywhere else but here! This is #3 in the rare Monster Mania DVD series.


Attack of the Crab Monsters DVD New Sealed

What's for dinner? Snow or king? Whoa, that's one big crab! Roger Corman's classic, and one of our most popular titles! Out of print!


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes New Sealed

Here at long last is the Exclusive Director's Cut 25th Anniversary Edition of the classic motion picture about good food gone bad!


Back to the Future: The Complete Trilogy DVD set - NEW SEALED!

Travel with Marty McFly and Doc Brown in a customized DeLorean space/sports car as they go back and forth between the 1950s, the 1980s, and the 19th and 21st centuries.


Barbarella DVD New Sealed

Jane Fonda is Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy. When she wasn't hanging out with the Viet Cong and discouraging the U.S troops, (similar to what some celebs tend to do even today) she was frolicking around in a space bunny outfit raking in the dough!


Batman Legacy 4 DVD Box Set Batman Returns Forever & Robin NEW

The original 4 feature-length Batman films in a brand-new, factory sealed box set issued by Warner Bros. in 2000.


Beast from 20,000 Fathoms - Them! Sci-Fi Double Feature DVD New Sealed

Awesome sci-fi double feature DVD with two classic favorites: The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms and Them! They couldn't escape the terror! They couldn't believe their eyes! And neither will you!


Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, The DVD New Sealed

They couldn't escape the terror! They couldn't believe their eyes! And neither will you!


Beast of Yucca Flats DVD New Sealed

Tor Johnson, of Plan 9 From Outer Space fame, stars in this bizarre Cold-War-era rampage of death!


Bela Lugosi Collection DVD New Sealed

Bela Lugosi stars in two of his best films in this collection on DVD.


Bela Lugosi Double Feature: Invisible Ghost and The Corpse Vanishes DVD Sealed

Bela Lugosi stars in two of his best films in this collection on DVD.


Black Scorpion, The DVD - OOP New Sealed

Don't be ashamed to scream -- it helps to relieve the tension! A true big critter classic on DVD.


Bowery at Midnight DVD New Sealed

Bela Lugosi stars as a ''Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde''-like professor in this intriguing classic.


Bride of Frankenstein - Classic Monster Collection - DVD New Sealed

From the Classic Monster Collection comes Bride of Frankenstein, one of the most popular horror classics of all time and an acclaimed 1935 sequel to Universal Studios' original Frankenstein. Note to collectors: This 1999 edition is extremely rare and out of print but available here.


Bride of Monster Mania #2 DVD New Sealed - Rare Out of Print!

From vampire vixens and witches to lab-made ladies! Host Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, satisfies the yearnings of viewers with a taste for terror in this one-hour special devoted to movies' ulimate bad girls.


Bride of the Gorilla DVD New Sealed

Overcome with passion and desire for the beautiful and sultry Dina Van Gelder (Barbara Payton), plantation manager Chavez (Raymond Burr) is driven to murder her husband.

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