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Speed Racer - Real Rubber Tire Limited Collector's Edition - DVD New Sealed

Special rubber tire-like DVD case. When they're gone, they're go, go...GONE! Eleven episodes!


Spider-Man 2 - Tobey Maguire - Kirsten Dunst - James Franco - 2-DVD New Sealed

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 directed by Sam Raimi in a 2-DVD Special Edition set.


Starship Troopers - Choose Special Edition or Regular - DVD New Sealed

The only good bug is a dead bug! One of the most entertaining modern-day sci-fi films, if you can look beyond the obvious anti-military Hitler-youth social commentary and the nasty brain bug at the end.


Strait-Jacket/Berserk! Double Psycho Biddy Feature Blu-ray - Joan Crawford - NEW

Strait-Jacket/Berserk! Double "Psycho Biddy" Feature Blu-ray. Brand-new and factory sealed!


Tales from the Crypt: Complete First Season DVDs New Sealed

Rest your bones, boos and ghouls and settle in for the anthology series you've been dying to see: the complete six-episode first season!


TCM Greatest Sci-Fi Them! Beast 20k Fathoms, World End, Satellite Sky DVD New

Them! / The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms / World Without End / Satellite in the Sky.This set contains four sci-fi films from the 50's. With the atomic age upon them, Frankenstein's monster and vampires were just not that scary anymore to the people of the 1950's


Teenagers From Outer Space / Teenage Monster 2-Pak DVDs New Sealed

A campy yet memorable case of puberty out of control with Teenage Monsters & Teenagers from Outer Space.

Price: $39.95  Sale Price: $34.95  You Save: $5.00 (13%)


Terror Creatures From the Grave - Barbara Steele - DVD New Sealed

Scream Queen Barbara Steele stars in this tale of betrayal and gruesome vengeance based on the writings of Edgar Allan Poe.


The Hammer Horror Series 8-Film Collection DVD Set - NEW SEALED

Hammer Films, one of the most celebrated horror studios in the history of cinema, presents 8 classic horror films in one collection.


Them! - James Whitmore, James Arness - Out of Print DVD New Sealed

A horror horde of crawl-and-crush giants clawing out of the earth from mile-deep catacombs! This 1954 gem is one of the best and most enjoyable sci-fi bug movies of all time!


They Saved Hitler's Brain - Out of Print and Hard to Find! DVD New Sealed

Believe it or not, this is for real! Also known as the Madmen of Manduras and Return of Mr. H, this camp classic is not to be missed for lovers of camp and memorable evil head movies.


This Island Earth - Jeff Morrow, Faith Domergue, Rex Reason - DVD New Sealed

Prepare to blast off from planet Earth in one of the most popular classic sci-fi films of all time! This Island Earth features those cool and silently creepy Metaluna Mutants.


Time Machine, The - Rod Taylor, Alan Young - DVD New Sealed

Here today, gone tomorrow! Rod Taylor stars in this 1960 classic sci-fi thriller from H.G. Wells.


Torture Ship - Lyle Talbot - DVD New Sealed

An obsessed scientist (whatever happened to the normal ones?) forces a group of convicted murderers out to sea where he performs grisly glandular experiments in an effort to rid them of their criminal tendencies.

Price: $12.98  Sale Price: $9.98  You Save: $3.00 (23%)


Trekkies / Trekkies 2 - Rare 2-Pack DVDs New Sealed

Trekkies and Trekkies 2 in a special 2-pack! A hilarious look at the universe's most fervent fans.

Price: $49.95  Sale Price: $29.95  You Save: $20.00 (40%)


Twilight Zone Collection 2 - 9 DVDs New Sealed Out of Print

From the original groundbreaking series by Rod Serling: Twilight Zone Collection 2 -- boxed set of 9 DVDs.

Price: $99.98  Sale Price: $79.95  You Save: $20.03 (20%)


Twilight Zone Collection 3 - 9 DVDs New Sealed OOP

From the original groundbreaking series by Rod Serling: Twilight Zone Collection 3, a 9-DVD boxed set featuring 33 classic episodes. Get the entire five-collection library!

Price: $99.98  Sale Price: $79.95  You Save: $20.03 (20%)


Uncle Forry's AckerMansions - Forrest J Ackerman - DVD New Sealed

This enjoyable documentary for all Monster Kids features tours of Famous Monsters of Filmland founding editor Forrest J. Ackerman's homes, er, "AckerMansions."

Price: $20.00  Sale Price: $17.00  You Save: $3.00 (15%)


Universal Horror Classic Monster Archive - Must Have! DVDs New Sealed

From the studio that created the horror genre comes five terrifying films that will send chills down your spine and bring terror to your heart! Unearthed from the vaults and on DVD for the very first time. A Best Buy exclusive that didn't last long!


Universal Studios Invisible Man Legacy Collection DVD 2-Disc Set New Sealed

One of the legacy collections from Universal Studios. Collect all six to build an awesome Universal horror library of your very own!


Van Helsing - Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale - DVD New Sealed

A modern-day classic from Universal Studios, starring Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale. Choose between Full Screen or Widescreen.


Viking Women and the Sea Serpent / Teenage Caveman DVD New Sealed

A DVD double feature from the Samuel Z. Arkoff Collection of cult classics. Collect them all! Out of print but available here.

Price: $14.95  Sale Price: $9.95  You Save: $5.00 (33%)


Vintage Horror - Lugosi, Strange, Zucco, Frye - DVD 6-pack New Sealed

You get six Vintage Horror movies in individual DVD cases packaged in a handsome box for safekeeping. One of the seven Collector's Libraries.

Price: $39.95  Sale Price: $9.95  You Save: $30.00 (75%)


Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women - Mamie Van Doren - DVD New Sealed

Mamie Van Doren stars. A team of astronauts are stranded when they crash land on Venus. The mysterious planet holds many perils for the crew, who are assaulted by prehistoric creatures and bewitching alien women.


Warning from Space DVD New Sealed

Warning from Space on DVD.

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