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Classic Monsters Unmade Volume 1 (1899-1955) by John LeMay

Classic Monsters Unmade Volume 1 (1899-1955) by John LeMay. 428 pages.

Have you seen every classic monster movie from the 1910 FRANKENSTEIN to the 2020 INVISIBLE MAN? Well, here's some you're guaranteed to have never seen, either because they are now lost -- like DRACULA'S DEATH (1921) -- or because they weren't produced at all, like WOLF MAN VS. DRACULA (1944).

This book has got it all. A version of FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN where Bela Lugosi speaks as the monster? Check. How about Lugosi commanding an army in DRACULA'S DAUGHTER? Got that, too. Or, what if Boris Karloff played the Invisible Man instead of Claude Rains? Yep, that's covered, too. More of a Mummy fan? How would you like to see Kharis terrorize a carnival then get sucked into a tornado? It would've happened had THE MUMMY'S RETURN been made. If unfinished terrors are up your alley, then this tome is for you!

Brand-new and uncirculated. Received directly from the publisher. Copyright 2021 John LeMay. Softcover. 428 pages.

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