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Diamond Select Universal Monsters FRANKENSTEIN B&W Silver Screen Bust Bank

It's alive! It's alllllive! This 8-inch Frankenstein's Monster Bust Bank Exclusive B&W/Silver Screen Edition helps any boil or ghoul save money while paying tribute to one of the most iconic Universal Movie Monsters of all time! Creature From the Black Lagoon Bust Bank (both B&W and color) available separately.

A Diamond Select Release! Spinning out of DST's successful line of Star Wars bust banks comes the all-new Universal Monsters series!

The most famous monster of all, Dr. Frankenstein's Monster, kicks off this new line of 8-inch vinyl banks, which features highly detailed sculpts and paint.

From the front it just looks like a high-quality bust, but turn it around and there's a slot to keep your change in! Nobody will want to raid your savings when they're safe inside this resurrected giant! Uh, no thanks, Frankie, keep the change!

Collectors Note: These cool vinyl banks were featured on display at the San Diego Comic-Con and are very well done. Comes bagged not boxed from the manufacturer. Doesn't include the Bride shown in the ghostly image.

Also want the Exclusive B&W/Silver Screen Bride of Frankenstein Bust Bank? Click the convenient Buy Both button below!

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Buy both for: $104.90

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